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the bay area storm door is wide open tonight and the rain is already putting a cramp in people's plans. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we're live tonight with a look at the storm. this is just a taste of things to come. but we begin in san francisco with eric rasmussen and he
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tells us getting around requires a lot of patience, eric. >> reporter: it certainly did tonight. julie right now we're down to just the slightest mist but the rain was coming down at a good clip. actually talked to some people who said they tried to wait out the run and the rain in the afternoon commute. but when they got on the roads tonight they still got stuck in some heavy traffic. wet roads and rattled nerves had some drivers waiting an hour or more just to get across the bay bridge from san francisco to oakland. >> how's your commute going tonight? >> sucks. >> it's not a good commute. >> reporter: drivers in the east bay shared that frustration. chopper2 captured this massive back up on 580 near liver mother this afternoon even after crews cleared a big rig crash on the highway. parts of the north bay saw some of the heaviest rain tonight but it did not stop natalie
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from walking her two husky, max and burne. >> there's a story about the two mischievous boys. >> reporter: and they're out in the rain. >> dragging me as usual. where i live over here it floods a bit. even we have to put down stones so they don't have to walk through the water. >> do you think you'll have to do any of that tonight. >> it depends, if it starts raining harder yeah. >> reporter: they're now shutting down part of the road for some road construction. one driver told me he was hoping the holiday spirit would help his fellow drivers handle the traffic a little better but says he did not see that today. the weather made for a long commute. news chopper 2 took these pictures of interstate 880 and highway 84 in the fremont area. you can see the huge traffic back up there.
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the rain was also to blame for the slow going here. and in the south bay, a soggy evening commute over highway 17 was made even worse tonight by accidents along the highway's sharp curves. maureen naylor live, you found out it doesn't take much to cause an accident in this type of weather. >> this hand been a major storm for those here but is a reminder of what is to come. the commute on highway 17 started smoothly as signs warned about slippery roads along this notorious rout but it didn't take long to find this prius with a blown tire. >> i breaked, and maybe just enough moisture on the road i hit the middle and blew out the tire so then i spin. >> reporter: the driver who didn't want to appear on camera told us she was cut off while
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passing another vehicle. luckily she and her puppy who was strapped that pet seat belt were okay. for this tow company it was the eighth accident alone. >> we have rain boots over here. you move into the tarps, ponchos and rain jackets. >> reporter: this warehouse has an aisle dedicated to rain gear. as the rain fell this evening some people dashed inside. many happy to see the rain. >> i drive to san jose every day you know for a commute. driving over 17 you see the reservoir and it's just so low. >> reporter: tonight meant closing the door on dry weather, opening up the umbrellas, bringing out the winter jackets. but it doesn't mean more
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business for this tree service yet. >> it doesn't start until a little later. here's the deal. this is not a giant storm but i tell you what the rain hit right at the afternoon commute. it's a friday, it's going into the holiday week. you put rain on top of that and you have a mess. a half inch showing up in some north bay places. check out santa rosa, it's raining pretty hard in santa rosa. a little over . .25 of an inch an hour. let's check out rainfall here, we're doing about. 06 -- .06 of an inch an hour
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that's not aggressive. most of the rain really has been north. there's been a bit of action. a lot of this activity widely scattered. i'll get to that with the latest computer model then we'll go to storm number two which gets here as we roll into your saturday. all your details back here at about 10:20. today's wet weather had residents on edge. public works officials today reassured residents that crews have stabilized the hillside and they don't expect any additional problems from the rain this weekend. on tuesday, a water pipe broke above hillside park 98,000- gallons of water from the reservoir sent a river of mud downhill. we'll be monitoring storm tracker 2 throughout this
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newscast. the weather's big impact for area airports as the holiday comes up. you can get your weather any time on your computer look for the link right there at the top of the home page. continuing coverage now of a story we broke today on ktvu channel 2 news at news. it involves the arrest of a san francisco sheriff deputy for a bank robbery. maureen naylor live with more on the deputy, his arrest and what may have been the motivation. referee: the senior deputy is being held here at the main jail. the district attorney's office tells us his fingerprints were found in a note handed to a bank teller. >> reporter: the robbery stuns those who know phil stun. >> that looks a lot like phil.
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it's like a bad movie. like a really bad movie. >> reporter: he told us tom worked here at gm of retail sales in 2004 when he was accepted by the san francisco sheriff office to train as a deputy. >> his wife became pregnant. so i think he wanted you know -- this industry is kind of a shaky one in our state. he wanted something a little more long term stable around it so he chose law enforcement. >> reporter: someone turned off the porch light after we rang the bell. tom robbed this bank, he was arrested this morning while he was at work as a deputy and could face up to five years as a state deputy. >> the residents of san francisco expect their men and women in uniform to uphold themselves with the highest respect for the law. the actions of this particular individual, this defendant are
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deplorable. >> reporter: ktvu obtained court documents that reveal tom's financial troubles. he filed for bankruptcy. tom holds assets of $727,000 but holds eight # -- $887,000. >> he is a father of two, he seemed to be excelling in that department. >> reporter: we're told the bank robbery netted $1,700. tom's bail is set at $150,000. he is due in court on monday. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. that deputy isn't is only law man in trouble tonight. a former police commander in pinol is now under arrest in an elder accuse case. matthew messier is accused of
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taking control of the 88's estate. his wife elizabeth regulado arrested this evening and is under arrest for conspiracy. the asaul these two men are accused of a a well known retail center in san francisco, coming up. new at 10:00 word of a delay in a project to change the golden gate bridge into an all electronic toll system. that means human toll takers will remain on the job for a longer than anticipated. there's been some problems setting up that fast system that was supposed to go into effect next week. hundreds of union workers as the port of okay land are scheduled to go on strike. >> we're striking because of the port's lack of providing information that's critical to par beganning. >> members of sciu say they can't bargain without certain
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information from the port so they're planning to strike next tuesday at the port and at terminal one of oakland airport. the union says they're currently going without contract. items found on a man from southern california could have been used as a triggering document. his boots were too sizes too large for his feet and had a hidden component. mcgallen said he was -- busted at a fancy steak
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house. what officers forced his friends to do before they could leave 789 . -- before they could leave.
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>> a lawsuit was filed today against a well known comedian because of what he's accused of doing to a fan earlier today in oakland. cat williams is performing tonight, jana katsuyama, we're
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learning more about these charges. >> reporter: he has not taken the stage yet. one fan says he severely beat him friday night. >> if you have your tickets please proceed to the right. >> reporter: tonight cat williams drew more than 10,000 fan in oracle arena. many knew he had been arrested in oakland. >> i was worried that i would not be able to make this show. >> he might have a hot head but he's funny. >> reporter: delvon davis says that mummon severely beat him outside the court. today the teen's attorney pamela price announced that they're suing williams and his promoters. he invited them all to his rv
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tour bus. >> my client is an aspiring rapper. >> reporter: williams suddenly lashed out. >> mr. williams displayed a gun to my client and mr. williams threw a bottle of alcohol at my client and cut his face open he has staoáeuf stirs down the front of h his face. this video shows police aáeurting him. our cameras caught him being driven into the oakland jail, police say williams was later released and does not face -rpbl khas at that time. >> i'm very dispointed -- -- mr. williams threw a bottle of alcohol at my client and cut his face open. he has five stitches straight down the front of his face. this video shows police arresting him.
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our cameras caught him being driven into the oakland jail. police say williams was later released and does not face any charges at this time. here's a surveillance video of one of the men suspected in that assault. police say they want to find him. they say that the men stole the victim's cell phone and then took off on foot. the u.s. postal service released a statement that they say beat a pile. the incident happen on sandy bridges court. residents in the area were warned that they were at risk for identity theft. california posted stronger than expected job gains last month. as a result the jobless rate
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ticked a bit lower. the unenemployment rate jumped to 10.1%. here in the bay area the unemployment rate remains less than average. solano county has the highest therm -- highest average personality of 10.1. intended to lock construction of the high speed rail lines through the central valley. a group of farmers had filed a lawsuit to host construction. the rail authority did not conduct an environmental review. the state is expected to be
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herd next year. today's decision allows. one of oakland's most wanted suspects is is under arrest. he was taken into cushionty woo just happened to be eating at that same registration rant and how that let to the arrest. >> place price this call this arrest a textbook revolution. officers had traveled to las vegas searching for flanoum k- l. everything changed. >> a couple of hours later we ended up getting a phone call from the officers saying i'm at chris's ruth's restaurant and he just walked in. >> we never really sr-l the perfect eyes and ears as we did
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from the officer. police say for now he's suspected of gang violence. >> multiple shootings, the sheer amount of rounds that are left at the crime scenes in kpes will have 100 rounds. these shootings been done in broad daylight. she survived and police say moved to las vegas. cornelius is now in jail thanks to a law enforcement officer who never really went off constitutety. a very violent srebts i too oldly. they made sure the party covered the entire tab plus tips. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the youngest defendant in that notorious richmond high school gang rape case agreed to
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a plea deal today in exchange for a 37 year the suspects are all accused of gang raping a 16- year-old girl outside the high school's homecoming dance. and rainfalling out in right now live stormtracker two they showed up. take a look at sa santa a so. you ever isle lobbies there's not ph-fp rain. down toward redwood city, you have not rad rainfall. tomorrow i'm going to back out of the way. in the morning this is the
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sun. i roll the model through sunday and into next week and your ty day forecast. hell see you back here. >> my say's is in san francisco has a available few the spca says already two animals have been adopted. the pets will be in the windows through january 1st. pretty cute. 49ers coach jim harbaugh back in court. what he had to say about a procedure that he underwent yesterday. and violence in the middle east escalates. hear from bay area families with familien on both sides of the divide.
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that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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there was a heated confrontation outside the israeli consulate in san francisco tonight during a second night of protest. hundreds of people gathered to speak out on the violence between israel and the pelestinians. san francisco police were on hand at montgomery and sacramento trying to keep distance between the palestinian supporters on the one side and a small group of israeli backers. israel is now mobilizing 75,000 reservists ahead of a possible ground invasion. the increased fighting has people more and more concerned
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about a possible all out war. >> reporter: anti war protesters gathered. many bay area families are in contact with loved ones, palestinian american abushaben says says relatives have had explosions right next to their homes. >> they're afraid if something happens everything will fall on them. >> reporter: though upset that in her opinion media and public interest centers on israel she's sad to see innocent people killed on both sides. >> i know how people have feelings against their enemies but we're all human.
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>> reporter: cythia and jake are also worried with relatives in israel. >> it's a constant in the back of your mind fear that there's going to be something that will happen. there'll be an attack. >> reporter: cynthia says that they cannot think about anything else until this stops. >> they just want all of this to stop. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is back at court. he says doctors at stanford hospital shocked his irregular heartbeat back into a regular rhythm. >> just glad to be back at work. i'm fine, fine and ready to go to work. >> it's likely that he's needed fibrillation all his life. doctors sent an electric
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current through his heart to restore his rhythm. harbaugh is expected to be on the sidelines of candle stick park when the niners play the bears. a sudden rush on ho-ho's and other baked goods as the company calls it quits. the wide ranging impact of the baker's drastic decision. first we take you to squaw valley. the reward skiers and borders got in addition to this early start of the ski season. a live look at storm tracker 2, bill is back after the break to tell us which areas are seeing the heaviest rain.
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this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. we're continuing to track all this wet weather with storm tracker 2. so where are we seeing the heaviest rain right now? >> right now, and for the last three hours it's been in the
10:30 pm
north bay. you look toward santa rosa you will see that yellow. they're going to get up to half an inch of rain as we head into the next half hour. in the last half hour, san mateo county area right here around san mateo redwood city. you're seeing heavier activity close to springs reservoir. that's where you're seeing some of yellows and south in where -- in redwood city. we'll get you up to speed on what you can expect for the rest of your bay area weekend. the thanksgiving travel rush is officially under way. officials are expecting today to be their busiest day of the year. there were long lines with our stormy weather caused delays up too 2-1/2 hours for some people. the airport expects to see some
10:31 pm
1.2 million travelers during the next week and a half. .7% increase over last year. nationally the busiest day for travelers is expected to be next wednesday when almost half of the people traveling will either be out on the road or in the sky. it's not yet thanksgiving but a few resorts are open for business. noelle walker made the trip to squaw valley to check out the conditions then she sent her photographer even further up the hill. >> reporter: like the pop of a champane cork. >> we're testing all the pottening. >> reporter: that's the sound of a party about to begin. squaw valley opened its runs today. thanks to five feet of early snow they opened up the runs a few weeks early, what does it
10:32 pm
look like? we sent photographer spifield to see what it looks like now. there's more snow now than mid- january last year. >> it's great. it's really fantastic to open early. it's a great sign of things to come and is bringing additional skiers to the mountains over the weekend. >> reporter: not far away, the less than subtle sign lets everybody know they're open. >> as soon as it started snowing she's like let's go, i said okay. twist my arm make me. you don't have to ask me twice. >> reporter: boreal is open since halloween. and they're hoping to be open like last year until the fourth of july. santa cruz police say an attempted jewelry store robbery this afternoon is similar to
10:33 pm
recent smash and grab robberies throughout the bay area: police released surveillance photos from the incident at dell's jewelers. one man pepper sprayed employees while two other men tried to break into the jewelry case. at this point no arrests have been made. republican and democratic leaders in congress sounded a note of optimism about avoiding the so called fiscal clear. leaders met with the president at the white house. they discussed ways to try and prevent mandated tax increases and spending cuts come january 1st. republican leader john boehner called the meeting constructive saying a deal is possible with conditions. >> to show our seriousness we've put revenue on the table. as long as it's accompanied by significant spending cuts. >> the impact of the fiscal cliff would be widespread. for example all tax cuts that
10:34 pm
took effect a decade ago would end. and domestic programs would be reduced bid that same amount. that optimism in washington helped wall street temporarily stop its postelection slide. the dow closed 45 points higher today. the nasdaq gained 16. the markets rallied higher after the remarks from the president and congress. former cia director petraeus was back in capitol hill today exactly one week after he acknowledged an extramarital affair. as john fowler reports, lawmakers questioned the four star general about the deadly attack at the u.s. consulate in libya. >> reporter: retired general petraeus apologized to lawmakers for his apair that led to his resignation last week. reveals a military culture of sexual corruption. >> i'm deeply, deeply
10:35 pm
disappointed in former general petraeus' actions. the jury is still out on what general allen did. but when it's happening at the top you know it's corrupting all the way down the chain. >> reporter: the investigation was questioning the attack in benghazi. specifically what the white house knew and when. >> it added to our ability to make judgments about what is clearly a failure of intelligence. >> in talking points to the un that the attacks were spontaneous. >> the key is if they were undocumenting talking points at a very early stage. >> reporter: lawmakers today said the original cia talking points refer to al-qaida as responsible that was somehow deleted. now congress wants to know who eliminated that reference and why. the two women at the center
10:36 pm
of the petraeus scandal are no strangers in washington. the associated press reports jill kelly and twin city had lunch at the white house cafeteria and september as guests of a white house aid. and paula broadwell attended meetings in part of the white house compound because of tunnels that connect the two buildings. white house officials say neither woman met president obama. a potentially deadly plot is foiled. see who tipped off police about a young man's plan to open fire during a showing of the new twilight movie. and back here in just a couple of minute, i will time out the weekend's rain right into sunday where there's no rain forecast. a 14-year-old boy is arrested for kid kidnapping and assault. what the young suspect did right after the crime that led to his arrest. [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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vallejo police say they have arrested a 14-year-old boy for kidnap, sexual assault and attempted murder of a 65-year- old woman. the elderly victim told police the teen kidnapped her at gunpoint at a parking lot about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the woman is from solano
10:40 pm
county. she was later found in a ditch bound by duct tape. >> we did have a conservation with the victim. she's incredibly smart insightful woman. the teen made a ransom call. he was arrested after he returned to the scene of the abduction. police say they found duct tape and a fake gun. a fire broke out at an oil platform. the oil platform is located about 25 miles southeast of grand isle louisiana. four workers were seriously burned. they were reportedly using a torch to try and cut an oil line when the flames broke out. a sheen of oil spread about a half mile but the coast guard says this is absolutely nothing like the uncontrolled bp oil spill two years ago. >> in news of the world tonight
10:41 pm
in iran, the government's enrichment of uranium should triple soon. iran insists their uranium the -- uranium plan is for energy only. today one victim's group says ikea is just the tip of the iceburg. and in north korea, people are marking their first ever mother's day. they are buying flowers and cards. north korea's leaders recently announced that today november 16th would be set aside to honor mothers. some mothers paid the respects to the country's father, sung and il. police have arrested a man who they say plan to open fire during a screening of the new twilight movie. blake lammers is facing
10:42 pm
charges. police say he bought tickets to sunday's showing and then confessed on planning to shoot people inside the theater. his mother tipped off police after he bought two assault rifles and hundreds of bullets. >> my time as a human is over. but i've never felt more alive. >> reporter: twilight breaking dawn part two opened at midnight but so far it is slightly behind last year's installment. early box office returns returns estimate that the movie will earn $150 million. a long tradition of sweet treats comes to a close. the rush on baked goods as hostess calls it quits. and our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking rain and another system right behind it. he's back with the complete bay area forecast for the weekend.
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the ceo of hostess made good on his promise today. he announced he will close the company. the decision set off a rush to buy hosz -- hosz -- hostess products that were left. soon the hostess out let was pretty left over. >> people are getting what they can because we won't be able to get it anymore and it's really sad. >> reporter: on monday they'll go to bankruptcy court asking to sell their assets, facilities everyone the brands
10:46 pm
itself. the company says it was already unprofitable but that the recent strike of the workers union made it impossible to continue. 18,500 people will lose their jobs nationwide. >> i mean i'm sad but at the same time, we're going to stand strong. i want a job. but enough is enough. >> reporter: despite the news, union members continue to walk the picket line. they say they won't stop until the court making it official. >> still production in all hostess facilities was shut down today. all workers told to go home. >> we're going to see if we can put them in different locations. we have different other bakeries and candy shops. >> consumers wished it had ended differently. >> 18,000 people are out of work because they could not come up with a contract. it doesn't make sense. >> luckily i still have ho-ho's in my freezer. >> there will be no more deliverys to supermarkets but these thrift shops will remain open for about a week or so
10:47 pm
until the last of the baked goods are gone. in san leandro, ann rubin. 145 jobs lost at the oakland bakery. another 221 at a bakery in sacramento plus jobs in distribution and delivery including eight stores here in the bay area. the u.s. justice department filed suit against ebay saying the company had a noncompete agreement with into it. the company agreed not to hire each other's employees. prosecutors say noncompete lowers the salaries and benefit packages offered by a competing employer. a federal judge in san francisco said she is leaning toward approving a settlement
10:48 pm
between google. and postal regulators today okayed boosting first class postage by a penny. it will raise the price to 46- cents and the price of a postcard to 33-cents. it is not expected to have much effect on the postal service's 16 billion dollars deficit. a holiday traditional returned to san francisco tonight. the four buildings of the embarcadero center are once again outlined in lights. this is the second year the embarcader have been lit up. widely scattered showers throughout the evening. take a look at live storm tracker 2. the heaviest locations have been up in the
10:49 pm
north bay. now we're seeing heavy activity as we get into the san francisco area right around the oakland area. let's come a little bit closer. we can track this area and it's coming up from the south. so it's moving toward the northeast. if we put a little track and it brings the basic timing as this thing moving into the oakland area. in the next few minutes alameda you're going to be hit with a little bit of rain. you're going to see significant rainfall, increasing. it's not a major storm we're dealing with but it certainly is wet. you will see that by evidence of the rainfall accumulation. still under a half inch. i'm sure there's a half inch some where when you get in the coastal area. it's really not a massive storm but it's consistent. the rain continues to fall. it will continue to fall pretty much all night. there's storm system number one that's what we're dealing with. it's the warm one. that's why snow levels are so high. storm system number two gets in
10:50 pm
here tomorrow. it gets in here basically tomorrow evening. basically in the overnight hours and it blows through. there will be a few showers on saturday morning, then this thing kind of rolls in around 7:00. the model plays out this way. at 10:00 tonight there's a scattered shower. you're not doing anything at 4:00 a.m. but when the sun comes up what's going to happen? little breaks. 8:00a.m. and then more breaks, more breaks. at 6:00 p.m. here's the next weather system. that model run puts it ahead of schedule. now it's got to moving through at 6:00, 7:00. watch what happens as it goes through overnight saturday. that's saturday at 9:00, watch what happens into sunday. there's a few clouds but that's it. typically you will get a little bit of clearing and that's what you see. saturday doesn't look that bad
10:51 pm
once you get the morning hours. and sunday once you get the early morning hours you will be okay. look at those temperatures even with the cloud cover and morning sprinkles you're doing mid-50s and mid-60s. like we've been saying frank and julie, the overnight being sweep. the over night saturday, you're going to be able to get up and do what you want to do. you saw what a little rain did to the commute. it was horrible. we have late word that a san jose police officer has been shot and wounded. right now the extend of the police officers is unclear. we do know he has been sent to the hospital and is related to a shooting in hill bellview. one of them ran into a house. people inside that home reportedly got out and told police that the suspect was bleeding. the suspect second drove into a field and crashed the car. officers are on the scene right now searching for that second
10:52 pm
suspect. up next here, the stanford women play the number one team in the country. a team with a 42 game winning streak and this game went right down to the final buzzer.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
mark is off, fred is in. what a game for the stanford women basketball team. >> the women's team flew to hawaii but it was all business. college player of the year britney graham scored 18 of her 22 in the first half. junior guard kenneth scoring 15 points. baylor has their entire starting line up back from last year's basketball team. cokenis sets up greenville as stanford upset top ranked baylor. cal men and the doctors were in denver to play in their first road game of the season. the cal bears got 13 points from alan crab. that's big because alan crab becomes the 42nd cal player
10:56 pm
ever to score more than 1,000 points in their career. warriors climb over 500 tonight in minnesota. makes the steal, cruises in for two of his 17. 58-22 in the paint. so david lee moves on and nice little spin there with 18 points, 13 rebounds. and harrison barns, driving and finishing. barnes scored 18. they take their 5-four record to oklahoma city for a sunday afternoon contest. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh was upbeat and back to work today. he even joked that he has to pay a team fine for being late to yesterday's practice. now the 48-year-old coach said he's dealt with an irregular heartbeat for several years now. and while jim may need to
10:57 pm
reevaluate his diet and caffeine consumption, harbaugh still loves football coach. >> doctor said you need to go in and you need to get this done. this procedure done. so yeah you know you're not going to be stubborn like a mule. i have to be preparing for this ball game. i'm fine, fine and ready to go to work. toronto and former giant's outfielder cabrera have agreed to a two year contract. it's not clear which player they bought, the pretestosterone milky or a posttestosterone milky. milky was fined for using the banned substance. that's sports as we see it for this friday night julie. stanford that was a big win.
10:58 pm
a boost for those young ladies. >> yeah, all right. >> thanks fred. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you next time the news breaks. >> ktvu news starts at 7:00 tomorrow. they'll be working to find out more about that officer shooting in san jose. and we'll be tracking your weather through the weekend. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den
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because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.

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